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Wood Models is a trademark of LASERLUCUS, S.L.U., a company dedicated to the development and applications of techniques of engraving and laser cutting.

Mention that one of our priority goals is a serious and trusting relationship with our dealers, suppliers and consumers. We base a cornerstone of our firm reinvestment, to thereby provide power from research, enough new products that allow our go one step ahead, offering exclusive products.

Our company is formed by a team of highly qualified people with extensive experience in creativity and design, as well as the application of the techniques discussed in the beginning of this presentation, the constant formation of this team, attending specialized courses these materials allows us to develop completely new products made entirely in-house. An important part of these positive results, are time and financial resources dedicated to a slow work of study and research, both of materials and products and new markets.

In Laserlucus we have three major areas, first the creation and production of three-dimensional models Wood Models, a name that we have chosen as corporate brand for this product family.

Moreover the development of custom projects, ie custom fabrications aimed at customers in different fields and sectors, signage, trophies, signs, plaques, advertising, industrial packaging and multi-engraving or cutting materials by laser.

Last but not least, the manufacture of rubber stamps industrial marking systems, a field in which we are able to advise and provide virtually any product.

Most of our designs are well underway already patented or patent. Because of its usefulness and uniqueness.

To achieve these objectives, our main assets are the team apart supra; heavy investment in machinery with the most advanced technologies in what refers to Laser. While we work closely with leading manufacturers in the sector. Complete this list the business side, the ways and means to make our products reach the market. For this we already have an extensive list of Official Distributors throughout the peninsula, served with a network of sales agents with a high degree of professionalism and market savvy. Our customers and agents are another of the fundamental pillars of the company. We have contacted the most emblematic firms in each area to market our products exclusively.

We base our philosophy on the premises of quality, service and customer satisfaction, along with the defense of sustainable growth and respect and environmental care, because it is the only way to secure our future. We process only environmentally neutral materials such as DM, from recycled scrap wood from the timber industry, such as sawdust, chips and pulp.

We are aware that we face a difficult future, but also promising in terms of new challenges, new business opportunities, new ways of working and what is more important, the search and struggle for a more just and balanced society, adding our small collaboration with products that provide a positive.

Today we are in an exciting and ambitious project of expansion to other countries in our environment, where educational and cultural games have great acceptance and demand.

We endorse the words of the writer and essayist Aldous Huxley that is to say, “The secret of genius is to preserve the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm”

We firmly believe in what we do and have fun doing it.

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